Thursday, July 23, 2015

Barbie Collector Cherry Pie Picnic Doll - 1st from the Willows, WI Collection! Review and Photos!

Recently I decided to branch out a little and order a doll I was on the fence about from a seller I was also on the fence about. The doll I'm referring to is none other that the fabulously vintage Cherry Pie Picnic Barbie doll, the 1st in the new Willows, WI Collection. The seller I purchased her from, Amazon Warehouse Deals, sells "used" items that are often times new and unopened items but are in damaged packaging to various degrees. I was apprehensive about the condition of the item I would receive, but couldn't resist the lure of a 15% discount on a somewhat pricey doll, so I took the plunge and this is what I ended up with:

Here's a look at the front and back of the box. The doll I purchased was described as being in "Used- Like New" condition.

The back of the box came with a nifty little inspection sticker.

And in the above picture you can see the extent of the damage. It's basically just some dirty looking scuffs on the upper edge of the back of the box. I can deal with that for a 15 percent discount... especially since I debox most of my dolls n.n

Inside, Barbie is safe and sound with no evidence of tampering.

I was a little worried after seeing the Amazon sticker using the word "repackaged," but I feel sure that she has never been removed because all of the usual Mattel restraints and staples are still in place. Barbie has blue eyes, shades of gold eyeshadow, and cherry red lips.

Here's her picnic supplies consisting of a cherry pie with two removable slices, two plates, two cups, two forks, and two napkins with napkin rings.

and her beautifully detailed picnic basket!

As displayed out of the box in front of a human size picnic basket :3

It was my mom's idea to have the dolls picnicking inside our basket!

Cherry Pie Picnic Barbie has a cherry print blouse, jeans, and a patent red belt.

Her jeans are cuffed mid-calf and she wears red mules. My mom's brunette repro Barbie wears coordinating attire including denim overalls and a cherry print blouse as well.

Grab a slice!

All of the picnic items fit neatly into the basket and it easily snaps shut to hold everything securely!

Like I mentioned, I was on the fence about this doll before, but after seeing how well she photographs, and the extensive amount of detail in her accessories, I think she is honestly quite stunning. I'm looking forward to reviewing the next doll in the Willows series in the future! What do you guys think of Cherry Pie Picnic Barbie?!

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Simon said...

I was looking for a review which would enable me to buy this doll - I have been on the fence since she was released. Now I am not and am fully enabled. Thanks!!

~BiaoBai~ said...

Hello there! I'm so glad my post was helpful in your decision. She really is a gorgeous doll! Thanks for commenting! -Anya

Sony Mosq said...

Que bella la barbie picnic, con estas fotos tan siento muy segura de comprarla, gracias X compartir, tus lindas fotos

~BiaoBai~ said...

Thanks so much!!